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In business, as in life, success is influenced by the people you spend time with – your mentors, fellow business owners, and people you trust.

- Amy Porterfield

Yuni and Company was created and developed by Ailina and Jimson Nabong. With Ailina's eight years of her own Digital Marketing and Creative Agency and Jimson's 10 years of Sales and Operations experience, we combined our knowledge and experience to bring our clients a unique service that goes beyond your typical digital marketing agency. 


Ailina graduated in 2015 from the University of Phoenix with a Marketing Degree and worked with ActionCOACH Business Coaching Franchise training and educating Business Coaches on digital marketing strategies for years. She then moved on to developing her system to help local small businesses with their marketing strategies as her true passion is to help small business owners grow their businesses.  

Jimson worked in Hospitality and Luxury Jewelry and Watches for over 10 years and ran Operations and Sales. He has developed strategic sales processes to help sales professionals succeed in multiple different industries and professions. He has also introduced a variety of different tools to help sales professionals to continue building and enhancing relationships with clients even when not physically in the store. 

Ailina and Jimson have collaborated on their experiences and knowledge which is now Yuni and Co. They are here to help small business owners not only develop the marketing to attract new business but also how to close deals and nourish relationships outside of just a simple sale and create your biggest fans to continuously shop with you. 



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