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7 New Things You Can Accomplish During Quarantine

When the pandemic started in March, I remember being so anxious about what this meant for me personally! I would be in the city all alone, nothing to do except overwork myself, no socialization, no nothing!! The thoughts became so daunting because I would so focused on all the things that I would be able to do anymore rather than all the things I could do now that I was spending so much time at home.

My life changed a lot due to the pandemic. I decided to quit my job and focus solely on finishing up my masters and my business. Of course, I found a plethora of other things to occupy my time with that guided me to closer to knowing myself better, broadening my education and growing spiritually! Here are the 7 new things you can accomplish during quarantine! I've done all 7 and can tell you, from personal experience I have gained more personal growth by doing more of these things than complaining about how I couldn't go to the bar with my friends anymore!

I would love to hear from you! Let me know which ones you try and how the experience was for you!

1. Get a certification in something you've always wanted to know more about

There are many places you can get certified in all different topics. I have always wanted to get certified as a yoga instructor and now, many certifications for yoga instructors are available online. I chose to go with YogaRenew 200 Hour Yoga Training Course! It has been such a great experience for me personally. If you have always been curious about being a yoga instructor, personal trainer, pilates instructor, etc. there are so many places you get certified to do those things online! I recommend going for it!!!

I also chose to get a certification as a life coach and chose a course on Udemy. If you've never heard of Udemy they are a fantastic platform!! Udemy offers courses ranging in all different topics! Health and fitness, web development, finances, UI design, music are just to name a few of the courses they offer. Many are super affordable. I chose a life coaching course because I'm highly interested in helping people, so getting certified to be able to do that is incredibly credible and gratify!!

. Go back to school!

It has always been my dream to finish up my Masters degree. I am pursing my masters in communication with a focus in leadership. It has always been my passion to lead women to achieving their goals and chasing after their dreams. Building my skills in communication and in leadership is yet another detail that is defining my career towards my dreams. There are so many schools to choose from, especially if you are looking for an online only school, like I was. I chose to go with Purdue University. For my particular degree, it was the right fit for me. I recommend doing your research and finding what schools are available for the degree you are looking to pursue. There are lot of articles out there, here is a great article I found that shares the top 10 best online schools in 2020!

3. Read more books! (Audibooks count too!!)

I have always been an avid reader. Learning has always been my passion!! I love reading business and personal development, biographies, spirituality! These are my favs but there are tons and tons of books that come out all the time that are amazing!! I love sprinkling in young adult fiction every so often just to mix things up. Where I get my books is key!! Because I buy so many it is important that I find affordable books so I don't break the bank (and the shelf)!! is a great source for used books at a super affordable price! I've found great books for $2.99 before!! I also subscrible to to get some books on audio version! My favorite audio book this year was, Common - Let Love Have the Last Word!! Common narrates and.... SWOOONNN!

4. Put together a Zoom Club with your besties and invite new friends!

The one thing I miss the most, and I'm sure many of you can relate is connection!! Going to the bar to have a drink with friends, going out on dates, parties, dinner dates with besties!! I truly miss those connection moments. Zoom is such a great tool to create connection. This year I joined a Bullet Journaling Club, created by a great friend of mine and we meet every week on Monday's for 6-weeks and we learn about different aspects of bullet journaling, sip on some wine and get to know new friends from all over the world. Starting something similar, on a topic that you are interested on and inviting your friends to come together on a weekly basis helps to keep the connection alive!

5. Go on solo roadtrip or a household roadtrip! (stay safe while your out!!)

Although travel is not recommended, road trips can easily be the answer to that! Airbnb's are still operating in most areas and a nice drive up to the mountains with a good book and a journal can bring surprising enlightenment. Although a full on solo trip was not available for me this year, my family and I did a family trip over to Sequoia National Park this year! Depending on where you are located, I encourage you to do your research to see what is open and still available in the area.

6. Start a new at home workout plan!!

I have always loved going to the gym! I prefer it!! Waking up and leaving the house made working out essential and separate from my home life. Of course when the quarantine happened, I stopped working out all together because I was not prepared to workout at home. I was than introduced to many different resources on how to have a great at home workout! Workouts on YouTube are amazing and so much fun! Over the summer my sister and I started following Chloe Ting's workouts and loved them!! Totally kicked our ass but so much fun!! I also continue to do workouts on FitOn! All workouts are free and the instructors are phenomenal! Workouts from low-impact, yoga, pilates, strength training, they have so many awesome options!!

7. Therapy

Therapy is something that I pursued for myself because I started to feel the waves of the pandemic affecting me mentally. I would have super low days and super high days, and I felt anxious often. Therapy for me, with the right therapist, has always been more about improving the way I think about the thing in my life and the way I think about the things happening in my life. A fresh non-bias, outsiders perspective has helped me to think clearly, openly and work through any challenges in a proactive way. Depending on your insurance, therapy is usually always covered! If you don't have insurance, there are a still tons of resources!! BetterHelp is a great resource for tele-therapy, especially while we are in quarantine! The quarantine life is not easy, especially if you live alone. Therapy can help you to work through some of those challenges. If you aren't quite ready to start going to Therapy there are a lot of other resources you can go to learn more about healthy mindsets! Mine'd is a great resource with Live videos with experts in their field and topics! Mine'd is free also!! So jump in anytime on topics ranging from relationships, dating, family, trauma, self-love, and so much more!

I hope these tips help! I have personally done all 7 while on quarantine and I definitely feel like a completely different person than who I was before the pandemic. So many opportunities of self-reflection and connecting with people a little differently than before. I feel a stronger sense of purpose that I did not have before quarantine.

Was this article helpful? I would to hear from you! Send me a message and let me know which ones you tried!!



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