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The One About Handling COVID Differently

On today's episode Kirsten and I talk about how we are both handling COVID and it turns out, we are handling things very differently.

As Kirsten is doing everything she can to get back to normal, I have embraced the quarantine life for my life. Neither are right or wrong, just simply different. Kirsten and I have a zero judgement friendship and we hope that encourages all of you to go into conversations about COVID in the same way.

I hope that you love this episode! I would love to hear from you. Visit my website below and send me a message. Let me know what you think!!

This is our last episode of Season 1! I am so excited to announce that we will be going into Season 2 in 2021! Season 2 launches on January 15th 2021!!! Would you like to be a guest or know anyone that you think would be a great guest on the show! Send them my way! I would love to hear what all of you have to share with the world. Head over to my website and send me a message!!

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Thank you so much for listening to Living Life with Ailina! I am so happy to have you here as a listener!! You all mean the world to me. See you in 2021!!! Xoxo, Ailina C.

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