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The One About Intuitive Readings & CBD

On this episode I invite my beautiful friend, Mara Francesca Intuitive Reader & Business Owner of CBD Line, Cathy Betty Dotty.

[Available Now on: Spotify, Apple Podcast & Google Podcast]

We had such a beautiful conversation about what intuitive readings are and what being an empath means. Between two empaths it was such an amazing conversation and Mara shares so much insight around what being an empath and for those who may not know and are curious to know what it all means!

Mara is also a multi-business owner, one of her brands being Cathy Betty Dotty, offering CBD products for all different uses. Products such as Roll on with my Homies, a body oil for aches and pain + Da Balm Dot Com a relief balm that softens and moisturizes skin! These two products are definitely my personal favorites but they offer many other products as well from bath soaks to lip balm, I highly highly recommend her products to everyone I know!!

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Visit Cathy Betty Dotty at:

If you are interested in receiving your own intuitive reading by Mara find & follow her at:




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