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To The Man Who Dated a Single Mom

Be patient with her, her independence is her strength, and her weakness. She does it all and never allows that to defeat her. She may not have all the time in the world, Netflix and chill may need to be scheduled. She may not lean on you for anything other than your attention. She may not ask anything of you, that does not mean she doesn't need you. She may not say a lot, or complain about much, that doesn't mean she is not struggling. She has relied on herself for far too long, it may be unknown to her how to accept a new soul into her world.

She may not always be available when you need her, but she will always show up. She may always be tired but she will always make time for you. Her heart is whole because she knows she has enough love in her heart. She is careful in who she shares her heart with, so please don't destroy her. She provides the whole world for another, she only needs your time to calm her.

She will listen to you, no matter what you have to say. She appreciates you for being there even if it's just for a day. Rare are the times when she may fall apart, be there. Rare are the times a tear will fall, simply be there.

It may not be easy to be with her, but it will be worth everything. You may have to share her but she will never make you feel like you are not enough. She will be your biggest supporter, your hype woman, she will guide you, support you and love you and once it starts, it will never end.

She is intolerable about the games, she refuses to be mistreated. She will break her own heart if she has to. Her realness can be contagious, her love can be your addiction. Never take advantage, never mistreat her, she will be loyal to the end and honest 100%. She will tell you what needs to be said and not what you want to hear. She may not always agree but she will still have your back.

She is expecting to find a ride or die, a man who will have her back during the ugly times and the best of times. She is holding on to hope that you won't give up at the first sign of struggle. She is hoping to never hear a million excuses as to why you aren't good enough, because she knows you can be good enough. She knows that timing is perception and you can have anything you want if you put the work in it.

She understands that she isn't a piece of cake, she isn't easy to handle, she has baggage that needs to be accepted and she struggles with trust and control. She wants you to get her. She wants you to simply not give up on her.

And if you can't... walk away.

A single mothers time is precious and she may not see your intentions right away, but if you just want a girl to fool around with, find another. She doesn't have the time to fool around, she only wants something real. Don't put up a façade if you can't offer her realness. Walk away.

A single mothers strength is stronger than you will ever imagine. She rarely will feel she needs a companion but she wants one, she yearns for one, she deserves one. She knows her worth and she won't settle, because she knows it's not only her life, but the life of her little that your presence will be affected. Be the man she deserves. She will be everything you've wanted and so much more, it will require you to show up even when you may not want to, do it anyway. If not for her, but for yourself as well.

Xoxo Ailina

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