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Trade for Business

I truly believe that motherhood has always been my calling. But let me be honest with you, when I had my son it wasn't the most ideal time for me. I was still trying to finish up college and I wasn't in the best financial position.

My son is 8 now and in that time I finished my Bachelors Degree in Business and have started my own freelance Digital Marketing Business. The journey hasn't always been easy but it has definitely made me a stronger, resilient woman.

One thing I have learned about being in business is that it doesn't always have to be an exchange for money. I have learned to leverage my skills to be a win-win for, not just myself, but for other business owners as well.

When I started my business I started it off with a simple trade. I knew I didn't have the experience I needed to start charging clients for my services. I learned to offer a deal that no one could say no to. My offer: For 1-hour of Digital Marketing Consulting (cost: $299) I would do it for FREE in exchange for a review on my Facebook page of their experience. Whether good or bad, they would get FREE consulting. I made that offer to multiple business owners to the point where I felt it was then time to start charging clients.

I got experience consulting and I got free organic marketing through this strategy.

I then took it to the next level. As a single mother, there are things that I just can't afford with my day job alone. Between actual survival necessities and living life, we often have to stretch our dollars. I learned that if I wanted certain things I would have to get creative. For example, I LOVE getting my hair done. I personally feel like self-care is incredibly important for everyone and getting your hair done is one of those things for me. However, going to a stylist worthy of touching my hair could easily cost me $150 each time. Honestly, I don't have that type of money to shovel out for my hair. I then reached out to my stylist and offered a trade for services. For free marketing services in exchange for getting my hair done. It was the best of both worlds for everyone involved.

Trade is one of those things that often don't even get considered but in reality if both business owners are able to get a win-win out of it what is there to lose?

Through networking and working connections I was able to partner up with Tasha Robinson-White, author of Right Hand to the Champ as well as Strategic Event Coordinator and Speaker. As I worked on developing Tasha's website, she connected me with other people in her industry who were in need of my services. We worked together on trade for services as well as a referral base system. Strong business connections can develop into the seed to new adventures.

I have also worked with beauticians and traded marketing services for microbladding and stylists for haircuts and colors. I've traded with gyms for membership and nail salons for gel manis and pedis. Regardless of the type of service you offer, if there is a need for it, there is an opportunity for trade and often, it can be more a more valuable connection than money can offer.

Have you done trade for services before? If you have, I would love to hear about your experiences! Share with me today!

Xoxo Ailina

ailina calip

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